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Welcome to 647th Quartermaster Company Petroleum web site.
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“”A multimillion dollar aircraft isn’t worth a dime without fuel”” General Carlson US Air Force.

We were part of the 1st Logistics Command, 240th Quartermaster Battalion. Located at Camp Radcliff, An Khe, Vietnam.
Our Mission: Operate POL tank farms in all three cities Qui Nhon, An Khe and Pleiku and also responsible for the POL pipeline from Qhi Nhon to Pleiku, Air Base Camp Holloway.

The pipe line was made from sections of line. 21 foot long, 6 inch diameter, held together by cufflinks at the end of each section completing a line over 100 miles long.

The pipeline was pressured by pump stations along it's route on QL19 with intervals of 10 to 20 miles between them depending upon terrain and elevation. Manned by approximately 25 troops at each. The pump stations were approximately 200'X 200' Plus 3 rolls of constantina wire. There were four bunkers, one in each corner with a M50 on top for guard duty. Personnel bunkers, mobile ammo dump, mess tent, pump house and communications. They were stationary targets, along the side of  QL19, with explosive fuel.

We also had teams of men that patrolled and repaired the line, in crews of 4-5 personnel. Patrolling in 2 and 1/2 ton gun trucks. Equipped with Radio, M60, M79 and personal weapons, plus the gear needed to make repairs on the line. They were always on guard when on patrol for snipers, ambush, and booby traps placed under the line. 49er's repair crews used the call sign, 49er Alpha, from PS8. 49er Bravo from PS9. 49er Charlie from PS10. Together they patrolled the line from An Khe to Plieku.

The line was divided in half with 29er's crew servicing the line from Qui Nhon to An Khe, 49er's crew serviced from An Khe to Camp Holloway Air Base Plieku. Pump station 10 was the last pump station before the base. The line went through 2 major mountain passes. The An Khe Pass and the Mang Yang Pass. The French lost many troops in the Mang Yang and you could see white crosses on the hill side as you patrolled through, A reminder of where you were.